Psyclones branch

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Brian Ladd – guitar, vocals
Julie Frith – bass
Dale Cairnes – guitar
Po Poston – drums
Michael Karo – keyboards
Gregg Albright – vocals


The Stevo Branch

Night Owl/Hot Daze 1976-1977
Tom Workman-GUITAR
Gary McConell-Guitar
Steve Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Bill Lefils-Bass/Vocals
Jon Oberg-Drums

The Geeks
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Tom Ward-Guitar
Lon Richards-Bass/Vocals
13 different drummers in three years
oh yeah-this spans 1978-1980

The Love Dolls Sept.1981-April 1982
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Kathy Belknap-Guitar/Vocals
Bil Coleman-Bass
Michael Stinson-Drums/Vocals

The Sea Hags May1982-June1983
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Kathy Belknap-Guitar/Vocals
Rebecca Lind-Bass/Vocals
Michelle Cotter-Drums/Vocals

Strangers with Candy Aug.1983-June 1984
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Rebecca Lind-Bass/Vocals
Dave Paulson-Keys/Vocals
Mike Higginson-Drums

Alien Nation Oct.1984-Feb.1985
Nancy Vidnovic-Vocals
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar
Brett Schuler-Bass
Mike Higginson-Drums

The Cow Persuaders June 1987-Sept1987
Peggy Martinez-Vocals
Bil Coleman-Guitar
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar
Lisa Sharry-Bass
Justin Brown-Drums
Terry Gilbert-Drums

Yowling Zygotes 1987-1990
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Bil Coleman-Guitar
Brett Schuler-Bass/Vocals
Randy Myers-Drums
Peggy Martinez-Drums

The Momewraths Dec.1988-Aug.1991
Nancy Vidnovic-Vocals
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar
Bil Coleman-Guitar
Jane Sullivan-Bass
Stephan St, Clair-Drums

Groovy Imbiceles 1992-1995
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar/Vocals
Lisa Sharry-Bass/Vocals
Drummers were-Randy Myers,George Hinkley, Michelle Lind,Lorne Huttson

Slackjaw 2001
Bob Huck-Fiddle
John Rose-Banjo
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar

Invisible Circus 2004
Jim Bowen-Guitar/Vocals
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar
David Gairrizzo-Bass
Zac Lewin-Drums

Widdershins 2004-2008
Christine Walden-Vocals
Frank Mancinelli-Guitar
Stevo Vidnovic-Guitar
David Gairrizzo-Bass
Zac Lewin-Drums

Scotch Wiggly Presently
Stevo Vidnovic- Guitar/Vocals
Jim Stratton/Guitar/Vocals
Dave Gairrizzo/Basss/Vocals
Frank Mancinelli/Guitar/Keyboards/Drums/Vocals
Paul Sanderson/Guitar/Drums/Vocals

(Stevo will be adding photos soon!!!)

The Danny Montgomery Branch

Danny Montgomery

Danny Montgomery

Danny, who I believe is over in Europe somewhere, writes (via Charles Horn) saying:

Chas. . .I tried sending emails to Bob, but haven’t recieved any feedback. Sooooooooo, tag, you’re it: Can you forward this?  Danny …  (Note to Danny and whoever – contact me via Gmail – my name with a dot between first and last at Gmail dot com – Bob)

DANNY MONTGOMERY – drummer, producer, promoter, whatever. . .

1973- MEADOWLARK moved from Berkeley to Eureka.
Barney Doyle, Mike Giachino guitars, Randy Davis, bass
Cliff Nord keys and me

1974- HOG WILD w/ Alan Skindmore on bass, Cole Baird and Barney Doyle on guitars and me

1975- FORECAST w/ Larry Mooney vocals and trombone, Tim Theis guitar and violin, Tom Lockett, bass, Albert Clark on keys and me

1976- SECOND WIND – Joined band after they moved to Hollywood. Band members Tom & John Vavrek guitars and keys, Mark Burger vocals and percussion, Alan Skidmore bass and vocals and me

1980 on:

FLEX– w/ Bishop Mayfield, Dick Koenig, William Mitchell, Charlie Thompson and me

TERRY RODRIGUEZ TRIO w/Terry Rodridguez, Dick Koenig and me

DREAM TICKET– w/ Ray Griffin saxs, Steve Smith keys, Dick Koenig & Doug Marcum guitars, bassists William Mitchell & Ken Lawrence, Waaknee Lerner on vocals and me

THE MOTOWN  REVUE w/ Joyce Hough vocals and guitar, Fred Neighbor vocal and guitar, Dick Koenig vocal and guitar, Ken Lawrence vocal and guitar, Steve Smith keys, Jenny Bennett and Donna Landry vocals, Pat Spurling, Dick Titterington, Francis Vanek, Gil Kline, Bob ? (I am missing a couple) on horns, and me

THE SAME w/Dick Koenig, Jenny Bennett, Ken Lawrence, Steve Smith and me

COMMOTION w/ Trish Murphy, Dave Storie, Tim Clausen, Michael Goodman, Charlie Thompson and me

DR. ROSS & THE HELLHOUNDS & DR. ROSS & THE SOUL TWISTERS – Rich Ross guitar and vocals, me and many others (Rich? Care to fill in the blanks?)

THAD BECKMAN w/ Thad and Matt de Catt

BUDDY BROWN (recorded “Bad Dog”)

THOSE MAGNIFICENT DUKES w/Thad Beckman, Matt de Catt and Doug Vanderpool and me

THE WHOLE ENCHILADA w/ Joyce Hough, Fred Neighbor, Thad Beckman, Mike Emerson, Gary Davidson, Francis Vanek, Jeff Ervin, Chas Horn and. . .me

w/ Joyce Hough, Fred Neighbor, Gary Davidson, Rick Nelson and me

JERRY MARTIEN AND THE BAND OF ANGELS w/Geoff Daugherty, Fred Neighbor, Mike Emerson and me

JAZZ MUSICIANS AND OTHER CRIMINALS: Francis Vanek, Randy Porter, Teddy Taylor, Sam Maez, John Raska, Randy Strom, me…

OTHER ARTISTS AFTER THE HUMBOLDT YEARS: Ray Charles, Taj Mahal, Mose Allison, Percy Sledge, Johnette Napolitano, Billy Paul, Alex Chilton, Christine Lakeland, Tower of Power, JJ Cale, Jerry Harrison, Tuck and Patty, Luther Tucker, Lowell Fulsom, The Shirelles, John Parish, Howe Gelb, Robyn Hitchcock. . . . an assortment of Eurotrash musicians. . .

The Mike Emerson Branch

Mike E. writes:

Chas sent a forward of the Tree to me.  Wow, what an undertaking!   I’ll do my best to remember all the projects to add to this…I’ll have to do it in shifts…

First of all, can you add my name to the Whole Enchilada, I was in that band.

I’ll try to do this chronological:

The Joint Chiefs -1986-1991
Matt Lazarus—Guitar and vocals
Mike Emerson—keyboards
Rob Flint—bass and vocals
Pete Zugelder—drums (’86-89)
Colin Jacob—drums (’89-90)
Mark Weston—drums (’90-91)

Mental Lentil – 1987-1989
Matt Lazarus—guitar
Mike Emerson—keyboards
Paul Erlandson—bass
Mark Weston—drums
Howie Kaufman—percussion
Grant Reider—trumpet

Cryptical Envelopment -1990-1991
Matt Lazarus—Guitar and vocals
Mike Emerson— keyboards
Gary Davidson—bass and vocals
Howie Kaufman—drums
Rick Reider—guitar and vocals

Can’t remember the name
– 1991
(Bob wonders, Was it The Wannabees??? )
Ruben Diaz—guitar
Mike Emerson—keyboards
Ken Lawrence—bass
Mike Myers—drums
Karen Dumont—vocals

The Whole Enchilada – 1992-1993
Thad Beckman—guitar and vocals
Danny Montgomery—drums
Gary Davidson—bass and vocals
Joyce Hough—vocals and guitar
Fred Neighbor— guitar and vocals
Jeff Ervin—sax ( ’92)
Charles Horn—sax, vocals, harmonica and percussion)
Mike Emerson—keyboards

Thad Beckman Band – 1992-1993
Thad Beckman—guitar and vocals
Matt de Catt—bass and vocals
Danny Montgomery—drums
Mike Emerson—keyboards

Night Train – 1994-1997
Joyce Hough—vocals and guitar
Fred Neighbor—guitar and vocals
Geoff Daugherty—bass
Charles Horn—sax, harmonica, percussion and vocals
Paul DeMark—drums
Mike Emerson—keyboards

On Tap – 1995-1997
Isaac Vanderveer—guitar and vocals
Dave Pimsner—bass
Dave ???—trumpet
Mike McKinnon—drums ( ’95)
Joe Nagy—drums ( ’96-97)
Mike Emerson—keyboards
1995-1997    Dynamo Hum
Ruben Diaz—guitar
Dale Cash—bass and vocals
Kenny Susan—drums
Mike Emerson—keyboards
(this was the blues jam host band at Hefe’s in Eureka every week and at the Jambalaya every 3rd week)

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head….more later

The Horn branch

Charles Horn (at left above) currently sings and plays harp with the R&B band, ShinBone. He sent us this photo of Caledonia (shot in the green room at the Old Town Band & Grill) and filled in those question marks:

Caledonia – (1981 version)

Fred Neighbor, Guitar Vocals
Joyce Hough – Guitar, vocals
Chuck Garrett – Bass, vocals
Paul DeMark – Drums, vocals
Charles Horn – Saxophone, harmonica, vocals + congas, percussion.

He also added bands he’s played with to the list:
Rod Deal and the I-Deals
Rod Deal – Guitar, vocals
Ty Anderson – Guitar, Vocals
Katherine Manspeaker – Keyboards, vocals
Doug Cox – Bass
Charles Horn – Congas, percussion, harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Durschlag – Trombone
Peggy Andrews – Saxophone

The Rhythmaticians (circa 1982?)
Don Hunter – Vocals
Dick Koenig – Guitar
Leonard Crawford – Bass, vocals
Paul DeMark – Drums, vocals
Charles Horn – Sax, harmonica, percussion, vocals

Dan Vineyard – Guitar, vocals
Doug Cox – Bass
Charles Horn – Sax, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Joel ?? – Drums

Night Train
Fred Neighbor, Guitar vocals
Joyce Hough – Guitar, vocals
Paul DeMark – Drums, vocals
Geoff Daugherty – Bass
Charles Horn – Sax, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Mike Emerson – Keyboards

The Whole Enchilada
Thad Beckman – Guitar, vocals
Gary Davidson – Bass, vocals
Fred Neighbor, Guitar vocals
Joyce Hough – Guitar, vocals
Charles Horn – Sax, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Danny Montgomery – Drums, vocals
+ Mike Emerson – Keyboards

Let’s add his latest:

ShinBone  – 2008

Charles Horn – Harmonica, vocals
Robert Franklin – Guitar, dobro, vocals
Doug Cox – Bass
Mike Meyers – Drums

Welcome to the Tree

The name of this blog should explain the concept. The goal is to create a virtual family tree showing how Humboldt County bands relate to each other. There are no hard and fast rules about who is included. If you played in a band based for some time in Humboldt County (the one in California) we want to hear from you.

Participation by Humboldt musicians and anyone else is encouraged. Add your data and stories via comments or send an e-mail to the hosts, Bob Doran, music writer for the North Coast Journal, and Ross Rowley, bass player for The Delta Nationals (shown above) and a fomer member of a few other Humboldt bands (see below). We’re looking for details about the band(s) you play with now and bands you played with in the past. Got photos? We want them. — Bob

And Ross says:

Welcome everyone.  We are attempting to create a Humboldt Bands Family Tree. When we are finished, (which should be never) we’ll be able to string together the various branches with the connected players throughout various time periods.

It’s not that far from the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon

For example, start with

The Merv George Band: 1960-present
(1980 version)

Merv George – Vocals; organ
Tom Workman – Guitar; vocals
Bob Morelli – Bass; vocals
Mike Smith – Drums; vocals

The Roadmasters Band (1997 version)
Glen Vickers – Lead Guitar
Douglas Eastteam – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ross Rowley – Bass, vocals
Mike Smith – Drums, vocals

J. Wood and The Blues Commandos (1981 version)
J. Wood – Guitar, vocals
Les Lazlo Toth – Drums
Charlie Thompson – Organ
Ross Rowley – Bass

Lance Romance (1987 version)
Danny Sernesky -Guitar, vocals
Tim Gray – Drums, vocals
Ross Rowley – Bass, vocals

The Boggies (1982 version)
Dave Meyers – Bass, vocals
John Young – Guitar, vocals
Tim Gray – Drums, vocals
Jeff Landon – Guitar, vocals

The Appliances (1990?)
Joyce Hough, Guitar, vocals
Fred Neighbor – Guitar, vocals
Gary Davidson (?) bass, vocals
Jeff Landon – Guitar, vocals
Brian Hurliman – keyboards, vocals

Caledonia – (1981 version)
Fred Neighbor, Guitar Vocals
Joyce Hough – Guitar, vocals
Paul DeMark – Drums, vocals
Charles Horn – Saxophone, harmonica, vocals
Chuck  ?????? Bass, vocals

Anyway…you get the drift……Let’s have fun and document history at the same time

Bob chimes in again:

Ross left out his current band:

The Delta Nationals (2008 version – left to right above):

Steve Irwin – Guitar, vocals
Paul DeMark – Drums, vocals
Dave Ryan, Keyboards, vocals
Ross Rowley – Bass, vocals